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As the franchise owner to The Worlds Miss Tennessee Tourism Pageant and Worlds Miss Kentucky Tourism Pageant, I am proud to show off our Tourism Queens. With every event this team of young girls and ladies participate in, they are expected to represent the World Tourism Organization, CAST & Crowns PAC, and their families with honor and grace, and I am honored to say that they exceed this expectation at every single event, and they continue to grow through these experiences.


All World Tourism winners engage in multiple public speaking events and school assemblies, community service opportunities, and serve the local schools by advocating for the Stop Bullying Program, reading stories to elementary children, and coaching etiquette and modeling.

You may see some of our very own local "celebrities" at various parades, grand openings, fashion shows, in the newspaper or even on the radio, where they speak to inspire others.


Tourism Queens represent the World Tourism Organization and CAST & Crowns as models at New York Fashion Week each September and February.

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National Royalty

Tennessee Kentucky Miss Tourism
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